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Kumar Lab

Kumar Lab

Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar is the Nemirovsky Family Dean for the School of Engineering & Applied Science with appointments in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Applied MechanicsComputer and Information Science, and Electrical and Systems Engineering. Kumar’s group works on creating autonomous ground and aerial robots, designing bio-inspired algorithms for collective behaviors, and on robot swarms. They have won many best paper awards at conferences, and group alumni are leaders in teaching, research, business and entrepreneurship. Kumar is a fellow of ASME andIEEE and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.


Vijay Kumar

Nemirovsky Family Dean, SEAS


Alex Zhou

Researcher Scientist

Edward Steager

Research Investigator

Jeremy Wang

Robotics MSE '16 - Associate Director, PERCH Design and Fabrication Facility

Kashish Garg

Manager, Research Projects - Kumar Lab, MEAM


Derek Cheng

Robotics MSE

Jake Welde

Robotics MSE '20 - PhD, MEAM

Kelsey Saulnier


Malakhi Hopkins


Parakh M. Gupta

Visiting Scholar

Shreyas Shivakumar

Robotics MSE '17 - PhD, CIS

Xu Liu

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, MEAM


Alex Kushleyev

Robotics Researcher

Amanda Prorok

PostDoc, MEAM '15-'17 - Faculty, Cambridge University

Avraham Cohen

PostDoc, MEAM '20

Benjamin Charrow

PhD, CIS '15 - Senior Staff Software Engineer / Tech Lead, Waymo

Chao Qu

Robotics MSE '14, PhD CIS '22, Autonomy Engineer at Skydio

Cristina Sorice

Robotics MSE '15 - Autonomy and Robotics Engineer at Heliogen

David Saldaña

PostDoc, MEAM '19 - Lehigh University

David Cappelleri

PhD, MEAM '08 - Purdue University

Denise Wong

Robotics MSE '15; PhD, MEAM '16; Robotics Engineer, Exyn Technologies, Inc

Dinesh Thakur

Robotics MSE '11- Research Scientist '15-'22

Douglas Macharet

PostDoc, MEAM '20 - Federal University of Minas Gerais

Ekaterina Tolstaya

Robo MSE '21; PhD, ESE '21

Elijah S. Lee

PhD, CIS '23, Ford Latitude AI

Elizabeth Hunter

Robotics MSE '17; PhD, MEAM '20 - COO & Co-founder, Treeswift

Gareth Cross

Robotics MSE '15 - Skydio

Giuseppe Loianno

Research Scientist '18 - NYU

Guilherme Vicentim Narda

Visiting Scholar Under V. Kumar '20

Ian Miller

PhD, ESE '23, Burro

James Keller

PhD, MEAM '16 - Project Research Manager '21 - Boeing

James Svacha

PhD, ESE '20 - RRAI

Jimmy Paulos

Robotics MSE '15; PhD, MEAM '17; PostDoc '21 - Head of Robotics at Treeswift

Jnaneshwar Das

PostDoc, MEAM'18 - Arizona State University

John Wright

PostDoc 1999 - Millersville University

Jun Seo

PhD, MEAM '14 - Assistant Professor HKUST

Justin Thomas

PhD, MEAM '17 - Director Controls- Exyn Technologies

Kartik Mohta

Robotics MSE '11; PhD, ESE '18 - Autel Robotics

Ke Sun

PhD, ESE '21 - Zoox

Laura Hallock

PostDoc, MEAM '21 - '23

Lifeng Zhou

PostDoc, MEAM '20-'22, Assistant Professor at Drexel University

Luis Guerrero Bonilla

PhD, MEAM '19

Mac Schwager

PostDoc '11- Stanford University

Matt Turpin

PhD, MEAM '14 - Qualcomm

Michael (Mickey) Whitzer

ROBO MSE '18; PhD, MEAM '20 - Autonomous Systems Technology Engineer, NASA

Michael Watterson

PhD, ESE '18

Monroe Kennedy

Robotics MSE '16; PhD, MEAM '19 - Stanford University

Nicholas Marion

Robotics MSE '22

Philip Dames

PhD, MEAM '15; PostDoc, ESE '16 - Faculty, Temple University

Pranav Panganamamula

Robotics MSE '22 - Epic

Pratap Tokekar

PostDoc, MEAM '15 - Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Rafael Fierro

PostDoc, MEAM '01 - Professor, University of New Mexico

Rattanachai (Tee) Ramaithitima

Robotics MSE '15; PhD, CIS '18

Rebecca Li

Robotics MSE '20; PhD, MEAM

Sambeeta Das

PostDoc'19 - Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Sandeep Manjanna

PostDoc, MEAM '20-'22, Plaksha University

Sarah Tang

PhD, MEAM '18 - Software Eng at Nuro, Inc

Shaojie (Frank) Shen

PhD, ESE '14 - Faculty (HKUST)

Shreyas Shivakumar

Robotics MSE '17 - PhD, CIS

Siddharth Mayya

PostDoc, MEAM '21 - Amazon Robotics

Subhrajit Bhattacharya

PostDoc Math '16, PhD, MEAM '12 - Assistant Professor, Lehigh University

Terry Kientz

Robotics MSE '17 - Project Engineer, MEAM (2011-2016)- Assoc Director, PERCH Design & Fabrication Facility (2016-2022)

Tolga Ozaslan

PhD, MEAM '19 - OteoHealth

Yash Mulgaonkar

Robotics MSE '12; PhD, MEAM '19 - Zoox

Kumar Lab