Agriculture Robotics

Agriculture Robotics

Smart robotic systems can improve the efficiency and yield in farm operations. Our goal is to provide specialty crop and tree growers with the necessary data for monitoring and planning operations for agriculture. We are creating autonomous robotic systems are able to navigate in unstructured environments such as forests and orchards and create semantic maps that provide data for carbon management and climate adaptation, and actionable information to farmers and forest management experts. Some recent work in autonomous under-the-canopy flight and semantic mapping can be seen in this video. We are part of the IoT4Ag center. Some of our work has been commercialized by Treeswift, a spin out from our lab.

Large-scale Autonomous Flight with Real-time Semantic SLAM under Dense Forest Canopy (Video)

Alex Zhou

Researcher Scientist

Alice Kate Li


Chao Qu

Robotics MSE '14, PhD CIS '22, Autonomy Engineer at Skydio

Derek Cheng

Robotics MSE

Dinesh Thakur

Robotics MSE '11- Research Scientist '15-'22

Fernando Cladera

Robotics MSE '19; PhD, CIS

Kelsey Saulnier


Malakhi Hopkins


Matthew Malencia

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, ESE '23

Sandeep Manjanna

PostDoc, MEAM '20-'22, Plaksha University

Steven Weyhan Chen

PhD, CIS (on leave of absence)

Xu Liu

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, MEAM

Yuezhan Tao


Agriculture Robotics