GRASP is made up of a diverse group of individuals from a variety of engineering disciplines. There are 18 faculty members and a range of about 20 postdoctoral researchers, 75 PhD students, and 90 Master's students who collaborate in many different ways.
Director of Online Education, SEAS; Ruth Yalom Stone Professor, CIS
Senior Lecturer, CIS
Professor, CIS
Andrea Mitchell University Professor, ESE and Math
Research Associate Professor
Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, ESE
Associate Professor, MEAM (on leave of absence)
Nemirovsky Family Dean, SEAS
Director, GRASP Lab; Professor, ESE; UPS Foundation Professor in Transportation
Adjunct Assistant Professor, CIS
Professor, CIS
Joseph Moore Professor & Department Chair, ESE
Assistant Professor, MEAM
Professor, CIS
Gabel Family Term Assistant Professor, MEAM
Professor, CIS
Professor, MEAM