Planning, Mapping, Estimation, and Localization

Mobile robots moving in the environment often create models of the environment and often would like to know where they are and where they are going. Whether it's a flying robot predicting whether it will crash into a tree or mobile robot exploring unknown territories, robots often require simultaneous localization and mapping.



Kostas Daniilidis

Ruth Yalom Stone Professor, CIS

M. Ani Hsieh

Deputy Director, GRASP Lab; Graduate Program Chair, ROBO; Associate Professor, MEAM

Dinesh Jayaraman

Assistant Professor, CIS

Lingjie Liu

Aravind K. Joshi Assistant Professor, CIS

Max Mintz

Professor, CIS (1998 - 2022)

George Pappas

Joseph Moore Professor & Department Chair, ESE

Karl Schmeckpeper

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, CIS '23, The Boston Dynamics AI Institute