Robert Ghrist

Robert Ghrist

Andrea Mitchell University Professor, ESE and Math

Rob’s work focuses on those methods in applied mathematics and engineering which are global or topological in nature. Such methods have the feature of being very robust topological results are tolerant of the inherent in systems and are therefore both elegant and effective in engineering. Specific application foci include sensor and communication networks, multi-agent robotics, and dynamical systems.


Decomposiiton of nonlinear persistence modules


Minimal unimodal decomposition on trees

Publisher Journal of Applied and Computational Topology

Toward a spectral theory of cellular sheaves

Publisher Journal of Applied and Computational Topology

Homological algebra and data

Publisher The Mathematics of Data

Persistent homology and Euler integral transforms

Publisher Journal of Applied and Computational Topology

MOOCs and the future of mathematics

Publisher Notices of the American Mathematical Society

Positive Alexander duality for pursuit and evasion

Publisher Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Reconstruction of Euclidean embeddings in dense networks

Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


Zoe Cooperband


Hans Riess


Research Staff

Terry Kientz

Project Engineer, MEAM - (Robotics MSE '17)


Greg Henselman

PhD, ESE '17

Yongbo Qian

Robotics MSE '16 - Ford Research and Innovation Center

Robert Ghrist