Rehabilitation Robotics Lab (M. Johnson)

Rehabilitation Robotics Lab

The Rehabilitation Robotics Lab at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is led by its director, Dr. Michelle J. Johnson. All research and development is performed under her supervision and direction, and is sponsored by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Part and parcel of what the Rehabilitation Robotics Labs does is design and develop novel therapy devices – robots – with affordability and thus, the potential for ubiquity, both nationally and globally, always at the forefront of what drives our research. In this vein, we have established a partnership with a university in Latin America and are in the process of seeking out opportunities in Africa to do the same. In order to make our goals a reality, our students and recent graduates are equally diverse in both academics and their global experiences; this truly makes the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab unique.   Our students have lived in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Honduras, Spain, France, Italy, England, Nepal and India just to name a few places – undoubtedly, this gives us a diversity of perspectives which helps inform our mission to create extremely affordable robotics. In addition to the cultural and linguistic acumen, the engineers must become well versed in standard rehabilitation techniques and neuroscience, if they are to successfully apply their technical backgrounds to the world of neurorehabilitation robotics.

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