Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth is a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. She work under the mentorship of Dr. Vijay Kumar at the GRASP Lab, studying micro-robot systems. Elizabeth received her BSE from the University of Pennsylvania in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. Prior to starting her doctoral work, she studied the biomechanics of intervertebral disc degeneration under Dr. Dawn Elliott at the McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, and Dr. Lars Gilbertson at the Cleveland Clinic.

Elizabeth is passionate about bridging the gap between medicine and engineering in order to develop better diagnostic and therapeutic tools. From 2012-2013, she was part of a team that worked to develop the Titan Arm, a powered upper-body exoskeleton for use in rehabilitative and occupational lifting scenarios. This project has been featured in Popular Science, BBC, CNN, and Engadget.