Biological Systems, Human and Social Interaction

Robot systems often deal with or are related to biological systems. Robots are often modeled after humans or dogs or are inspired by nature. In addition, robots also often interact with humans for medical purposes, entertainment or must include an effective machine-human interface.



Kostas Daniilidis

Ruth Yalom Stone Professor, CIS

Eric Eaton

Research Associate Professor, CIS

Nadia Figueroa

Shalini and Rajeev Misra Presidential Assistant Professor, MEAM

Ethan Gordon

Postdoctoral Researcher, MEAM

Michelle Johnson

Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Secondary Faculty, BE

Lingjie Liu

Aravind K. Joshi Assistant Professor, CIS

Marc Miskin

Assistant Professor, ESE

Cynthia Sung

Gabel Family Term Assistant Professor, MEAM; Secondary faculty, CIS & ESE

Mark Yim

Director, GRASP Lab; Faculty Director, Design Studio (Venture Labs); Asa Whitney Professor, MEAM