The third floor of the Pennovation Center is home to the Penn Engineering Research and Collaboration Hub (PERCH) which aims to bring together many different branches of engineering and applied science in a vibrant, collaborative research and development environment. Students, faculty, and staff from the School of Engineering and Applied Science will use this space designed to promote fundamental research and accelerate the lab‐to‐market technology transfer pipeline in robotics, internet of things and embedded systems.
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Research Groups Currently Onsite Faculty Onsite Staff Onsite
Kod*Lab Daniel Koditschek * Charity Payne **
Kumar Robotics Kostas Daniilidis Gaby Alfaro
ModLab M.Ani Hsieh Diedra Krieger
  Vijay Kumar  
  CJ Taylor  
  Mark Yim  

* Director of PERCH - ** Director of GRASP & PERCH

Perch Design and Fabrication Facility

Location: Building 6176, 1st Floor
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

Associate Director: Terry Kientz
Research Staff: Jeremy Wang