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Mark Yim

The Modular Robotics Lab (ModLab) is a subgroup of the GRASP Lab and the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Professor Mark Yim. A modular robot is a versatile system consisting of many simple modules that can change their configuration to suit a given task. These systems are inherently robust due to their redundancy, adaptability, and ability to self-repair. While originally focused on continuing research in the field of modular robotics, recent work at the lab has expanded to include micro/nano air vehicles, bio-inspired gaits, personal robots, and more. The ModLab is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from multiple disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and computer systems engineering.


Mark Yim

Director, GRASP Lab; Faculty Director, Design Studio (Venture Labs); Asa Whitney Professor, MEAM


Andrew Bae

PostDoc, MEAM

Jeremy Wang

Robotics MSE '16 - Associate Director, PERCH Design and Fabrication Facility


Diego Caporale

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, MEAM

Jessica Yin


Omar Abdoun


Walker Gosrich


Xuanyou Liu

Robotics MSE


Abhraneel Bera

Robotics MSE '19 - Sun Microsystems (Oracle)

Alexander Spinos

PhD, MEAM '23, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Andrew Specian

PhD, MEAM '22 - Mechanical Development Engineer, Strato Inc

Bhavya Narain Gupta

Robotics MSE '16 - Senior Engineer, Motional

Bruno Teles Gabrich

PhD, MEAM '21 - LFI

Caio Rodrigues Mucchiani

PhD, MEAM '21 - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Riverside

Chao Liu

Robotics MSE '14; PhD, MEAM '21 - Postdoc at MIT CSAIL

Chia-Wei Lin

Robotics MSE '17 - Senior ML/ Robotics Engineer, Cruise

Dean Wilhelmi

Robotics MSE '15 - Senior Robotics Engineer, Chef Robotics

Devin Carroll

PhD, MEAM '23, Lecturer at University of Pennsylvania, MEAM

Foster D. Collins

Robotics MSE '16 - Mechanical Engineer, Sarcos Corporation

Gabrielle Merritt

Robotics MSE '16 - Software Engineer, Strateos

Gedaliah Knizhnik

PhD, MEAM '22, Staff Robotic Software Engineer at RRAI

Guanrui (Ray) Li

Robotics MSE '18 - New York University

Jay Davey

Robotics MSE '15 - Staff Mechatronic Engineer, Zymergen

Jimmy Paulos

Robotics MSE '15; PhD, MEAM '17; PostDoc '21 - Head of Robotics at Treeswift

Jun Seo

PhD, MEAM '14 - Assistant Professor HKUST

Matthew Piccoli

PhD, MEAM '16 - IQ Motion Control

Nick Eckenstein

PhD, MEAM '19

Rebecca Li

Robotics MSE '20; PhD, MEAM

Sahachar Reddy Tippana

Robotics MSE '23

Shangyi Cheng

Robotics MSE '15 - Research Engineer, Facebook

Tarik Tosun

PhD, MEAM '19 - Waymo

Wenxuan Tang

Robotics MSE '16

Xin Zhang

Robotics MSE '17; Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania

Xuming Mo

Robotics MSE '16 - GRASP Lab

Yunkai Cui

Robotics MSE '14