Multi-robot and Multi-agent Systems

Swarm robots and the coordination of many robots working together towards a goal emphasizes the use of multiple simple robots working together rather than one complex robot to achieve tasks.



Nadia Figueroa

Shalini and Rajeev Misra Presidential Assistant Professor, MEAM

M. Ani Hsieh

Deputy Director, GRASP Lab; Graduate Program Chair, ROBO; Associate Professor, MEAM

Vijay Kumar

Nemirovsky Family Dean, SEAS

Marc Miskin

Assistant Professor, ESE

George Pappas

Joseph Moore Professor & Department Chair, ESE

Cynthia Sung

Gabel Family Term Assistant Professor, MEAM

Camillo J. Taylor

Associate Dean, ODEI - SEAS; Raymond S Markowitz President’s Distinguished Professor, CIS

Mark Yim

Director, GRASP Lab; Faculty Director, Design Studio (Venture Labs); Asa Whitney Professor, MEAM