ICRA 2020 Recap

June 24th, 2020

GRASP representation at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2020) in June 2020:


Congratulations to Vijay Kumar, selected recipient of the prestigious 2020 IEEE Robotics and Automation Technical Field Award for “Contributions to cooperative robotics; networked mobile manipulation systems, particularly unmanned aerial vehicles; and leadership in robotics research, policy, and education.”

Accepted Papers

Thirty-three papers were accepted from GRASP members:

Title Author Topic
A Fast Configuration Space Algorithm for Variable Topology Truss Modular Robots Chao Liu, Sencheng Yu, Mark Yim Cellular and Modular Robots
A Low-Rank Matrix Approximation Approach to Multiway Matching with Applications in Multi-Sensory Data Association Spyridon Leonardos, Xiaowei Zhou, Kostas Daniilidis Computer Vision for Other Robotic Applications
A Novel Underactuated End-Effector for Planar Sequential Grasping of Multiple Objects Caio Mucchiani, Mark Yim Grippers and Other End-Effectors
A Programmably Compliant Origami Mechanism for Dynamically Dexterous Robots Wei-Hsi Chen, Shivangi Misra, Yuchong Gao, Young-Joo Lee, Daniel Koditschek, Shu Yang, Cynthia Sung Soft Robot Applications
Contact-Aware Controller Design for Complementarity Systems Alp Aydinoglu, Victor Preciado, Michael Posa Optimization and Optimal Control
Cooperative Team Strategies for Multi-Player Perimeter-Defense Games Daigo Shishika, James Paulos, Vijay Kumar Multi-Robot Systems
Coordinate-Free Dynamics and Differential Flatness of a Class of 6DOF Aerial Manipulators Jake Welde, Vijay Kumar Aerial Systems: Mechanics and Control
Coronal Plane Spine Twisting Composes Shape to Adjust the Energy Landscape for Grounded Reorientation J. Diego Caporale, Benjamin McInroe, Chenze Ning, Thomas Libby, Robert Full, Daniel Koditschek Biologically-Inspired Robots
DC-CAPT: Concurrent Assignment and Planning of Trajectories for Dubins Cars Michael Whitzer, Daigo Shishika, Dinesh Thakur, Vijay Kumar, Amanda Prorok Multi-Robot Systems
Dense R-Robust Formations on Lattices Luis Guerrero-Bonilla, David Saldaña, Vijay Kumar Multi-Robot Systems
DIGIT: A Novel Design for a Low-Cost Compact High-Resolution Tactile Sensor with Application to In-Hand Manipulation Mike Maroje Lambeta, Po-Wei Chou, Stephen Tian, Brian Yang, Benjamin Maloon, Victoria Rose Most, Dave Stroud, Raymond Santos, Ahmad Byagowi, Gregg Kammerer, Dinesh Jayaraman, Roberto Calandra Perception for Grasping and Manipulation
Distributed Attack-Robust Submodular Maximization for Multi-Robot Planning Lifeng Zhou, Vasileios Tzoumas, George J. Pappas, Pratap Tokekar Distributed Robot Systems
Experimental Evaluation and Characterization of Radioactive Source Effects on Robot Visual Localization and Mapping Elijah S. Lee, Giuseppe Loianno, Dinesh Thakur, Vijay Kumar Robotics in Hazardous Fields
IMU-Based Inertia Estimation for a Quadrotor Using Newton-Euler Dynamics James Svacha, James Paulos, Giuseppe Loianno, Vijay Kumar Aerial Systems: Perception and Autonomy
Information Theoretic Active Exploration in Signed Distance Fields Kelsey Saulnier, Nikolay Atanasov, George J. Pappas, Vijay Kumar Robust and Sensor-Based Control
MAVRIC: Morphology-Agnostic Visual Robotic Control Brian Yang, Dinesh Jayaraman, Glen Berseth, Alexei A. Efros, Sergey Levine Visual Learnin
Mine Tunnel Exploration Using Multiple Quadrupedal Robots Ian Miller, Fernando Cladera, Anthony Cowley, Shreyas Skandan, Elijah S. Lee, Laura Lipschitz, Akhilesh Bhat, Neil Rodrigues, Alex Zhou, Avraham Cohen, Adarsh Kulkarni, James Laney, Camillo Jose Taylor, Vijay Kumar Field and Space Robots
Mobile Wireless Network Infrastructure on Demand Daniel Mox, Miguel Calvo-Fullana, Mikhail Gerasimenko, Jonathan Fink, Vijay Kumar, Alejandro Ribeiro Multi-Robot System
ModQuad-DoF: A Novel Yaw Actuation for Modular Quadrotors Bruno Teles Gabrich, Guanrui Li, Mark Yim Cellular and Modular Robots
Modulation of Robot Orientation State Via Leg-Obstacle Contact Positions Divya Ramesh, Anmol Kathail, Daniel Koditschek, Feifei Qian Dynamics
Nonlinear Synchronization Control for Short-Range Mobile Sensors Drifting in Geophysical Flows Cong Wei, Herbert G. Tanner, M. Ani Hsieh Marine Robotics
Optimal Reduced-Order Modeling of Bipedal Locomotion Yu-Ming Chen, Michael Posa Humanoid and Bipedal Locomotion
Parallel Self-Assembly with SMORES-EP, a Modular Robot Chao Liu, Qian Lin, Hyun Kim, Mark Yim Distributed Robot Systems
Polygon-Based Random Tree Search Planning for Variable Geometry Truss Robot Sumin Park, Jangho Bae, Seohyeon Lee, Mark Yim, Jongwon Kim, TaeWon Seo Motion and Path Planning
PST900: RGB-Thermal Calibration, Dataset and Segmentation Network Shreyas Skandan, Neil Rodrigues, Alex Zhou, Ian Miller, Vijay Kumar, Camillo Jose Taylor Object Detection, Segmentation and Categorization
Reactive Temporal Logic Planning for Multiple Robots in Unknown Environments Yiannis Kantaros, Matthew Malencia, Vijay Kumar, George J. Pappas Reactive and Sensor-Based Planning
Reconfiguration Solution of a Variable Topology Truss: Design and Experiment Eugene Park, Jangho Bae, Sumin Park, Mark Yim, Jongwon Kim, TaeWon Seo Mechanism and Verification
Self-Reconfiguration in Response to Faults in Modular Aerial Systems Neeraj Gandhi, David Saldaña, Vijay Kumar, Linh Thi Xuan Phan Cellular and Modular Robots
SLOAM: Semantic Lidar Odometry and Mapping for Forest Inventory Steven W Chen, Guilherme Vicentim Nardari, Elijah S. Lee, Chao Qu, Xu Liu, Roseli Ap. Francelin Romero, Vijay Kumar Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
SNIAE-SSE Deformation Mechanism Enabled Scalable Multicopter: Design, Modeling and Flight Performance Validation Jaimie Carlson, Jason Friedman, Christopher Yoon Jae Kim, Cynthia Sung Mechanism Design
Sufficiently Accurate Model Learning Clark Zhang, Arbaaz Khan, Santiago Paternain, Alejandro Ribeiro Model Learning for Control
Synthesis of a Time-Varying Communication Network by Robot Teams with Information Propagation Guarantees Xi Yu, M. Ani Hsieh Multi-Robot Systems
The Tiercel: A Novel Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicle That Can Map the Environment by Flying into Obstacles Yash Mulgaonkar, Wenxin Liu, Dinesh Thakur, Kostas Daniilidis, Camillo Jose Taylor, Vijay Kumar Aerial Systems: Mechanics and Control
Vision-Based Multi-MAV Localization with Anonymous Relative Measurements Using Coupled Probabilistic Data Association Filter Ty Nguyen, Kartik Mohta, Camillo Jose Taylor, Vijay Kumar Localization